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-From a chicken fillet with broccoli

-Pancakes with vegetables and champignons

-Pancake kesadia

-Pancakes with shrimps


-Chocolate pancake with cheese Philadelphia

-Pancakes with dried fruits

-Pancakes with fruit

-Fritter with a cottage cheese-cherry stuffing

-Fritters with condensed milk

-Pancake a pie with fruit in cream, ice-cream and chocolate sauce




-Salmon light salted

-Karpacho from a salmon

-Karpacho from a pickled beef

-Rolls from a salmon with cheese Viola

-Meat allsorts

-Cheese plate

-Snack under vodka

-Allsorts from fresh vegetables with sauce on a choice




-Salad with carrots and garlic with black crackers

-Egg under sauce from caviar

-Salad from fresh vegetables

-Salad vegetable

-Salad in a rice paper

-Salad Greek

-Salad Caesar with a chicken fillet

-Salad with a chicken fillet and a nut cashews

-Salad with language and broccoli

-Salad with a chicken fillet and champignons

-Salad with vegetables a ham and cheese

-Warm salad with language and creamy-mustard refuelling

-Salad with language and cheese

-Salad meat

-Salad with chicken to cookies

-Salad from a liver of a beef with a cucumber and cheese

-Salad with squids

-Salad with squids and champignons

-Salad from an avocado and shrimps

-Salad with a pickled salmon and an avocado

-Salad with sea queens




-Ministrone on milk

-Soup from a black string bean with vegetables and bacon

-Broth chicken with an egg

-Soup - cream with spinach and female quail eggs

-Cream soup from broccoli

-Soup - cream from champignons

-Soup meat

-Soup fish

-Soup mushroom


-Fish soup from a humpback salmon with an onions leek and carrots

-Soup with noodles and seafoods




-Beef in сream

-Squids in the beer test

-Shrimps fried, in sauce

-Cheese with spinach and a ham fried




From a fish and seafoods

-Shrimps with vegetables tempura

-Sea queens in cheese sauce

-Kalmar stuffed

-Salmon with lentil and crimson sauce

-Trout stuffed with rice

-Trout with almond sauce and a cauliflower in crackers

-Pike perch with a vegetable pie and cream-tomato sauce

-Pike perch with a mashed potatoes and sauce passion

from a bird

-Chicken fillet in bacon with spinach and pepper Bulgarian

-Chicken fillet with rice and mushroom sauce

-Chicken fillet with rice with an egg and a shish kebab from champignons and the Bulgarian pepper

-Noodles with a chicken fillet and vegetables

-Chicken wings BBQ

-The hen in yoghurt with fresh vegetables and coconut sauce

-Duck fillet with a mashed potatoes and a pear with crimson and sea-buckthorn berries sauces

-Female quail in apples with cowberry-grape sauce

from a beef

-The beef cutting with fry a potato with mushrooms with meat and cowberry sauces

-Stake from a beef with a sharp vegetable mix

-Stake from a beef with sauce bernez

-Stake from a beef with vegetables


from pork

-Pork with prunes and a mashed potatoes

-Pork with onions mousse and baked tomato

-Pork on a bone with a potato pie and mushroom sauce

-Pork with mustard sauce and a boiled potato

-Pork in beer with fried cabbage

-Pork edges BBQ c a cauliflower

-Roll from pork with tomatoes, champignons and cheese in the test fillo with the fried string bean on a garnish

from mutton

-To penalty lamb with vegetable ratatue, a potato and a radish in bacon


-Fettuchini with the hen

-Fettuchini with a salmon and broccoli


-Chicken liver in tomato juice with a mashed potatoes

-The beef language in cream with a mashed potatoes with pine nuts with cheese





-Apple flan

-Fruit in a rice paper

-Fruit in small baskets from the sand test with welding up a cream

-Malines in cream

-Ice-cream with fruit

-Maffin with made a cream and a cherry

-Fruit allsorts

-Dessert from yoghurt

-Sweet soup





-Pie with caviar




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